Welcome to Lunaris.

A 3D, Anime Style MMORPG for Windows PC

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Amazing Features

Things that make Lunaris great

Character Customization

With (literally) millions of combinations of clothes and customization options, you will never run out of personality - ALL FREE

Character Classes

Lunaris has 11 different character classes all with different roles required to defeat the strongest bosses


Group up with 4 other players to take on Quests and Instance Dungeons


Join a Guild and be participate in Guild Raids and even wars against other Guilds in PvP

Item Enhancment

Become ever stronger by upgrading your weapons and armor

Stat System

Build your character how you want - Stats now offer many more benefits to your skills & character

Instance Dungeons

Farm for new weapons and gear with your friends

World Bosses

The strongest monsters in the game need to entire server to take on - join now!

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What Is Lunaris?

Lunaris is an Anime Style MMORPG with many exciting features. While some of these features are listed above, there are many, many more things that make Lunaris a great game.

If you want to join the world of Isya, read below on how to get started playing.

Getting Started

  • The first thing you should do is click the Download Lunaris Now button below. This will install the launcher which is used to open the game.
  • While that is downloading, use the form below to create your Lunaris Account.
  • Once your download is finished, run it and it will install the Lunaris Launcher.
  • Once finished, a Play Lunaris icon will appear on your Desktop. Double click that to open the launcher to begin patching the game.
  • A PLAY button will appear on the launcher when patching is complete. Click the PLAY button.
  • Once your see the login screen, enter the Username and Password you created in step 2 and click Login. Click the JOIN button on the right side of the book, then create your character.

Download Lunaris

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